Why "Sticky Settings"? Working at the intersections of "GUI" and "gooey".

May 10, 2022

The creative underpinnings of “Sticky Settings” are informed by our shared fascination with the layers of translation involved in representations of molecular biology that are mediated by technology and computation. In software interfaces, “sticky settings” is a phrase used to describe“remembered” user settings. “Sticky” is also a term used to describe certain molecular interactions in his computer-generated models. In biology, evidence has emerged for gene bookmarking suggesting mechanisms of epigenetic memory or“stickiness” in DNA. We are exploring how sensations of tactility can be evoked with both physical and digital representations of biology. Our collaborative artworks attempt to repurpose the “GUI” interfaces with which we confront “gooey” biological materialities in the lab and reframe their implications in our everyday lives.


How to make dialogue box settings sticky?

Gene bookmarking: keeping the pages open

Assessing the accumulated stickiness magnitude from fabric–skin friction: effect of wetness level of various fabrics

Some sources of inspiration for "Sticky Settings" in chromatin configurations, epigenetics, textiles, interfaces and beyond...

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