Chromatin, Epigenetics, Gene Bookmarking and "Sticky" DNA

May 19, 2022


Shaping epigenetic memory via genomic bookmarking

Can Trauma Be Passed Down From One Generation to the Next?

Can the legacy of trauma be passed down the generations?

“Mombrain and Sticky DNA”: The Impacts of Neurobiological and Epigenetic Framings of Motherhood on Women's Subjectivities

Gene–Stress–Epigenetic Regulation of FKBP5: Clinical and Translational Implications

Tuning In to Noise: Epigenetics and Intangible Variation

Chromatin Biology: Epigenetics and the Regulation of Gene Activity

Basic Primer in Epigenetics, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Cardio Epigenetics Chromatin Meeting

The 3D Organization of Our Genome

How DNA is Packaged (Advanced)

From DNA to protein - 3D

The nucleosome: from structure to function through physics

Multi Scale Modeling of Chromatin and Nucleosomes

Structure and dynamics of kinetochore and mitotic chromosome by Drew Berry,, Created for E.O.Wilson’s Life on Earth interactive textbook of biology (2014)

Image Credit: National Institutes of Health

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