Sticky Settings Workshop at Genspace: Molecular Worldbuilding in Blender with artist Laura Splan

February 25, 2023

Brooklyn, NY
February 25, 2023
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Learn how to work with protein models in Blender to create speculative molecular worlds exploring biological imaginaries.

When you think about the molecular world, one core skill is the ability to conceptualize or imagine invisible forms. But how do we do that? Scientists have been building databases of protein structures since the 1970s, but the tools for exploring these atomic masterpieces are still hard to access. Enter bioart.

Interdisciplinary artist Laura Splan will teach this beginner-friendly molecular modeling workshop that explores biotechnological imaginaries using Blender. Participants learn how to use this free, open source 3D modeling software with prepared PDB protein models to create speculative worlds. Blender techniques for working with materials, environments, add-ons, lighting, and other molecular visualization tools will be introduced in hands-on exercises.

Teaching Assistant: Nidhi Nagabhushan